Sahiwal Cow
Sahiwal Cow are noted for their ability to sire small, fast-growing calves as well as their hardiness in harsh weather conditions. When nursing a calf, our cows produces an average of 2270 kg of milk; however, much higher milk production have been seen. They are very economical to use.
Black Kapila Cow
Black Kapila Cow has a short size and produces less milk than other breeds. The milk of this cow has a significant therapeutic value and restorative powers. This breed has a high level of disease tolerance and has never been recorded to succumb to a deadly sickness.
Rathi Cow
Rathi Cow, a medium sized creature, which has a symmetrical physique and a short, smooth body coat. This cows tail is long and elegant. This cow yields lactation milk, range from 1050 kg to 2000 kg on average. With a pronounced milk vein, the udder and teat are well developed.
Tharparkar Cow
Tharparkar Cow is a medium sized breed which has a long tapering face. Our cow is utilized as a draught animal as well as for milk production. This cow is tough, which is noted for their milk production as well as their draught capability. Our cow is very effective and safe to use.