Right Cattle Care

We are delighted to have experts of this sector to promote wellness in our cattle. Our experts huge knowledge of right cattle feeding is one of our biggest advantages that helps us in offering healthy Black Kapila Cow, Rathi Cow, etc., to customers. From sleep to food and medical treatment, our talented cattle caretakers take complete complete care of everything. Our experts also ensure regular health check-ups of cattle are done perfectly so that their health is well-maintained.

Cattle Safekeeping

We maintain hygiene and safe environment at our farm so that cattle can graze hassle-freely. We maintain greenery at our farm to promote healthy eating habits in our cattle.

Why Invest In Our Cattle?

We are focused on maintaining wellness in our cattle because we believe the better the health of cattle, the more nutritious milk they will produce. Some factors that show how our cattle promote the business of dairy suppliers are cited below:

  • Huge milk production, which supports in large quantity milk supply
  • Healthy and medically fit cattle with reproduction advantages
  • Infection-free cattle that is easy and cost-effective to maintain
  • Pure breed of cattle with high growth rate

Variety of Cattle

Every buyer has different requirements thus, keeping this in mind, we are providing different breeds of cattle under single roof. We have Black Kapila Cow, Sahiwal Cow, Rathi Cow, and other breeds of cattle, all of who are healthy. Every breed of cattle of all age is free from ailments.