Medically Fit & High Milk Yielding Tharparkar Cow, Black Kapila Cow, Sahiwal Cow, and Other Dairy Farming Animals.

About Us

Rising needs for milk and milk made products shows the importance of Dairy Farming. Indulged in the Dairy Farming Industry, we, Rao Ji Dairy Farm, have become a successful business establishment in India by keeping focus over rising customers needs and maintaining dairy farm animals in the best manner. We support dairy companies in producing large quantity milk and milk-by products. We take pride in serving as a trader and wholesaler of Rathi Cow, Tharparkar Cow, Sahiwal Cow, Black Kapila Cow, etc.

We offer healthy dairy farm animals with promise of our lowest possible prices. We have numerous breeds of cattle available in various ages for meeting the expectations of different customers. Our supportive and talented staff maintains cattle well by providing them food and nutrition on time. For complete cattle care, our experts ensure vaccination is provided to the animals on the right time along with all the best medical treatment.

Our Products Range

Since 1996 to offer Numerous Breeds of Cattle Such as Tharparkar Cow, Sahiwal Cow, Rathi Cow, and Black Kapila Cow.
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Why Choose Us

Right Cattle Care

Experts having the zeal to take care of cattle in the right manner are employed by us.

Cattle Safekeeping

We at Rao Ji Dairy Farm, take pride in our vast land located at Karanpura, Rajasthan (India) for safekeeping of cattle.

Variety of Cattle

Not every buyer has the same need. Considering this fact, we bring forth different breeds of cattle under the same roof.